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Educational Support

Reimbursement for College Admissions Preparation

Getting prepared for college can be an expensive process. The CIA Officers Memorial Foundation understands test preparation courses are proven to show higher test score results but are often cost prohibitive. Thus, the Foundation implemented a reimbursement program for College Admissions Test Preparation Course.

We’re excited to encourage students to participate in the college test (ie. ACT or SAT) prep courses. This benefit covers in-person, online, or an on-demand self-paced classes.


Reimbursement for Tutoring

We get it--school is hard! Our beneficiaries are eligible for tutoring reimbursements from elementary school through their undergraduate degree, per Foundation policy.

We care about the success of our students and are committed to getting them the help they need. As students receive tutoring support for the Foundation, our family advocates touch base to ensure continued student success.

Our goal is individualized support. No one should feel as if there are no options and we are happy to discuss plans based on a student's specific needs--that’s the benefit of having a small committed team like the Foundation on their side!

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