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Special Operations Warrior Foundation’s - EPIC

Special Operations Warrior Foundation's (SOWF), a partner Foundation, offers the Education Planning Information Conference (EPIC). Designed for rising high school students, EPIC aims to help students focus on college application readiness. With discussions around career interests, potential college majors, and which academic institutions would be good fits for them, EPIC also offers the opportunity for students to meet others from similar backgrounds and communities. Each year SOWF generously invites several CIA Officers Memorial Foundation students to attend cost-free.


Career preparation transition coaching that includes building effective resumes, preparing for job interviews, and polishing interpersonal effectiveness skills.


Annually, the Spookstock Foundation hosts its self-named concert “Spookstock” in Washington, DC. This event is catered towards foundations like the CIA Officers Memorial Foundation, SOWF, Special Operations Foundation (SOF). This week-long event offers team-building programs, opportunities to network, participate in a career fair, and culminates with a private concert event. The emphasis of this week is creating a community among students with similar backgrounds and experiences and having fun! We, the Foundation, have had great feedback from students who have participated in this week.


SOFstock is an event which the Spookstock Foundation hosts annually in Tampa, Florida. The event offers week-long team-building programs for the Memorial Foundation, SOWF, SOF, and other Military-focused Foundations that support the surviving children of deceased US Military service members. SOFstock culminates with a private concert event. Participants in the program must be 21 years or older.

Third Option

Third Option provides support to the operators and families of the CIA Special Activities Center.

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