Foundation Fact Sheet

Mission:  The CIA Officers Memorial Foundation provides educational support and emergency financial assistance to the families of CIA officers who die while on active duty or who are severely wounded or disabled serving in a war zone.

Vision:  To support families of CIA officers by relieving financial stress, encouraging educational and career goals and emotionally reconnecting them with the great Agency to which their loved ones served with distinction.

Purpose:  To raise awareness and enlist support for the needs of the families of deceased officers.

History:  In 2001, the CIA Officers Memorial Foundation was created by a group of concerned Americans who wished to assist the survivors and dependents of CIA officers who died in the line of duty.  These survivors and dependents deserve the support of their fellow Americans because of the supreme sacrifice made by their loved ones in defending the freedoms cherished by all Americans.

Programs: The Foundation primarily provides educational support (college, including limited Master’s programs or trade school expenses) to the following:

  • Children and spouses of CIA officers and contractors who are killed in the line of duty and honored on the Agency Wall of Stars.

  • Children and spouses of CIA officers who died while on active duty from accident, illness or other causes.

  • Children and spouses of CIA officers who died within two years of retirement on medical disability after contracting a terminal illness or injury while employed with the CIA.

  • The Foundation will also consider providing other types of support based on specific circumstances and the availability of funds.  Included are officers and CIA contractors who are severely wounded or disabled due to service in an Agency-designated war zone.

Facts & Statistics:  The CIA Officers Memorial Foundation is a non-profit organization qualified as tax exempt under section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code (EIN 52-2360463).  We hold a 4-star rating by Charity Navigator and our Combined Federal Campaign (CFC) Number is 40425.  We proudly share our growth over the last 9 years:

The response from across America was quick and generous. As donations grew, working with the CIA’s Office of Casualty Affairs, the Foundation reached out to the families of officers who died in the line of duty to let them know of the availability of help and to assess needs. Initially the Foundation focused on providing post secondary educational support for the children of fallen officers but soon discovered a need to also offer educational support for the spouses whose partners had paid the ultimate sacrifice. Each year since its inception, the Foundation has aided a growing number of children and spouses of CIA officers who died on active duty.

To date, the Foundation has provided financial support and awarded scholarships to 132 dependents of deceased CIA officers. For the 2018-2019 academic year, the Foundation has granted a total of $1,154,400 to 49 students. What began as a response from the hearts of the American people to the family of CIA officer Micheal Spann has grown into an organization that is a resource to all the men and women of CIA who voluntarily place themselves in harm’s way around the globe. The Foundation serves as a promise to CIA officers that their families will receive our support should a tragedy occur.

Sadly, the requirements for future support for the families of officers who have died in the line of duty continue to grow. Currently there are 124 children and widows who will be eligible for support over the next 15 years. The Foundation continues to seek donations from a wide variety of sources to meet those requirements. Those wishing to contribute via the Combined Federal Campaign may do so by naming the CIA Officers Memorial Foundation, CFC number 40425, as the desired recipient of a donation.

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