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Our Commitment to Wellness

Reimbursement for Daycare & Camp

Established in 2019, the Daycare Assistance Program aims to support the growing needs of our families with young children. We are here to support our eligible spouses who suddenly find themselves facing the realities of being a single parent or a single income household. To help facilitate their return to the workforce, the Foundation is honored to relieve the burden of prohibitive daycare costs and encourage the success of our families.

The CIA Officers Memorial Foundation provides daycare (including pre-K) and day camp reimbursements. Eligible children aged 13 and under must be in the care of a licensed daycare facility, provider, after-school program, or day camp.

Reimbursement for Counseling

The CIA Officers Memorial Foundation recognizes the importance of mental health. We want our families to have the necessary opportunities to grieve, heal, and (address their needs) in a safe environment with their chosen mental health professionals. As such, we provide monthly reimbursements both for family and individual counseling.

We encourage our families to seek out mental health services that best suit their individual and family needs. Our reimbursement system offers this flexibility and safety net to families. We are sensitive to the fact that grief is not linear and we are committed to supporting our families’ counseling journey for a number of years.

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